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Randal Howard “Rand” Paul (born January 7, 1963) is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. He describes himself as a “constitutional conservative” and a libertarian. He is the son of Congressman and 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas. Paul first received national attention in 2008 when making political speeches on behalf of his father. Rand Paul is the first United States Senator in history to serve simultaneously with a parent in the United States House of Representatives.

8 Apr, 2015

New Hampshire campaign rally

Gives Talk

Paul addresses his first presidential candidate campaign rally in Milford, New Hampshire. He talks about promoting personal freedom, repealing Obamacare and cutting back on defense spending and foreign aid.

It angers me to see mobs burning our flag and chanting, ‘Death to America’ in countries that receive millions of dollars of our foreign aid.

New Hampshire Rally - April 8, 2015

9 May, 2014

Criticizes Hillary Clinton

Gives Talk

Paul denounces the former Secretary of State in remarks to members of the Republican National Committee, criticizes her handling of Benghazi and argues the event should disqualify her to serve as U.S. president. He charges that under Clinton the agency spent money frivolously instead of strengthening security in Libya:

My opinion is that Hillary Clinton has precluded herself from ever being considered for that position.

5 May, 2014

Brannon: Paul ‘the next President’

Gives TalkPolitical Endorsement

Rand Paul gives his support to North Carolina state senate candidate Greg Brannon who exalts Paul as:

the next president of the United States

Brannon trails House Speaker Thom Tillis in the polls. The speaker, who is expected to win the majority of primary votes, is endorsed by Jeb Bush, but Paul believes his support gives Brannon the momentum he needs to force a runoff.

25 Apr, 2014

Courts Romney’s team

Gives Talk

Paul crafts new alliances with the Republican Party establishment during his tour of the Northeast. He headlines a luncheon hosted by top lieutenants of former presidential nominee Mitt Romney and offers a unique blend of what he calls “libertarian-ish” politics in the address to Harvard University’s Institute of Politics. He declares:

The Republican Party will adapt, evolve or die

He rails against perceived civil liberties abuses and suggests his party should focus less attention on social issues. He also says the GOP should abandon calls to deport millions of immigrants and offers that armed school officials might help prevent further mass shootings.

20 Mar, 2014

Criticizes Obama over NSA

Gives Talk

Paul criticizes President Obama and other government leaders over recent surveillance disclosures in a speech at the University of California, Berkeley. He speaks for 30 minutes on what he perceives to be abuses of government spy programs and a lack of oversight of the National Security Agency.

I find it ironic that the first African-American president has without compunction allowed this vast exercise of raw power by the NSA.

Paul notes that other black heroes like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were targets of illegal government spying and calls for the creation of a bipartisan congressional committee to address Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s allegations the CIA searched Senate computers.

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