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18 Dec, 2014

Removes chemicals from products

Revlon announces that two long-chain parabens and a formaldehyde-releasing chemical would no longer be used as ingredients in its products, after a petition is signed by more than 100,000 people. The petition is organized by the non-partisan nonprofit Environmental Working Group. Environmental Working Group Executive Director Heather White:

We are pleased that Revlon has acted to remove these toxic ingredients. We urge all companies to do the same.

16 Nov, 2014

Love Is On campaign

Revlon launches a new marketing campaign, “Love is on,” with an intent on regaining market share. The campaign includes print and digital ads, social media, and commercials. An interactive billboard in Times Square encourages passersby to share messages of love. Chief executive of Revlon Inc., Lorenzo Delpani:

In this category, I see a sea of sameness. Campaigns are not using emotion in an intense way. From now on, we intend to be on a mission, inspiring all the shades of love.

1 Oct, 2014

Revlon, ACT Govt pay $6.6M

Three men receive a judgment of $6.6M after taking Revlon, SteriHealth, and the ACT (Australian Capital Territory) government to court over injuries they sustained in 2009 when a box of deodorant cans at the waste disposal facility managed by SteriHealth exploded. Barrister Dennis Wheelahan:

Their skin damage is really quite horrifying, and it brings the memory of the events of this day back to them on a daily basis.

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