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Discusses Virgin Records sale, energy, moon hotel

31 Aug, 2007

Beck hosts Branson on Honest Questions. They discuss the sale of Records to save Atlantic:

It must have been very strange for anyone to see me, because I was running down the street. And I just signed the Rolling Stones, just signed Janet Jackson. I just said good-bye to my staff and had a billion dollars in my pocket and I had tears streaming down my face. And I passed the Evening Standard sign on the side of the road, ‘Branson sells for a billion’ or ‘Branson makes a billion’.

Whether relying on oil is dangerous for airlines with alternative fuels yet to be developed:

Well, I’ve, in a sense, been in a dangerous business for 21 years. And we’ve obviously been through September the 11th. We’ve been through, you know, a tripling of fuel prices, and we just had to deal with these problems. And it is very important, I think, for all of us, not just airlines, but for the security of Americans, security of Europe, that we don`t just have this complete reliance on the Middle East fuel, that we actually — you know, that as soon as possible, that 50 percent, at least 50 percent of our fuel is alternative fuel. And that will not only help global warming, it will help farmers, it will — it helps everything.

Necker is planned to run entirely on alternative energy:

I mean, I’m very lucky enough to have a little island in the Caribbean. We’re in the process, within six months from now, it will be completely carbon-neutral. It will be powered from the sun and from the wind and from battery storage. And so it is important that, if you talk about things like global warming issues, that you do get your own house in order, and so I try to balance my books.

Galactic profits will be reinvested:

The money that we make from that, we`re putting into research into suborbital flights. And one day, we plan to have a Virgin hotel which will be just off-set of the moon, and we’ll have little two-man spaceships, which you’ll be able to go off for a day trip around the moon. And then we can program them so they’ll fly about 50 foot above the moon.

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