Richard BransonInterview

New York Times interview

29 Aug, 2014

Branson is interviewed for the New York Times magazine. On a Virgin employee who stole from him but later went on to discover Boy George:

We hire a lot of ex-convicts, and not one of them has reoffended. They’re just human. I messed up with the tax man when I was a teenager, and I was given a second chance then. If I hadn’t had that second chance, there wouldn’t be 60,000 people working for Virgin today. We wouldn’t be going to space in a few months’ time. Second chances should be allowed. But, I mean, not always.

He is not worried that the $250,000 ticket price for Galactic flights turns space travel into a luxury purchase:

Not at all. If you go back to the 1920s, when aviation started, it cost the equivalent of about $200,000 to cross the Atlantic. Over the years, the price has come down. You’ve got to start somewhere.

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