Richard BransonSex PistolsVirgin Records

Signs Sex Pistols

18 May, 1977

Branson signs the Sex Pistols.

I saw them live in London I thought they were incredibly exciting. I rang up the chairman of EMI and said if he wanted to get rid of his embarrassment give me a ring and I was told quite bluntly that they were happy with the Sex Pistols. That night they went on the Bill Grundy show … the next morning at literally about 6:30 in the morning I got a call saying come over over for breakfast, and I arrived and he handed over the Sex Pistols contract and said the Sex Pistols are yours. We shook hands with Malcom Mclaren who promptly then went and signed them to A&M, at lunchtime they threw up all over A&M’s desks and by the afternoon they were a Virgin band.

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