Richard Branson

Sir Richard’s Guide To Getting Lucky

19 Apr, 2013

Branson releases Sir Richard’s Guide To Getting Lucky:

As founder of Virgin, I’ve been in my share of compromising positions, but I’ve usually gotten out of them, with a little luck. People ask me, Your Excellency, how do you always end up on top? And the answer is, I don’t. Sometimes, I end up in the mouth of a whale shark. But enough about me, here’s my guide to getting lucky at 35,000 feet.

The guide suggests one possible use for Virgin America’s new system that allows customers to make purchases for people in other seats and send private messages over the inflight entertainment system:

Step 1. Pinpoint the object of your affection. Once the seatbelt sign is off, approach her with a cheque for her favourite charity, carried in the mouth of a puppy that you’ve given a pile of sweets to. Direct her attention to the window, where she’ll see your suborbital space ship composing a haiku in skywriting. Drive to your launchpad, polevault her into the basket of your hot air balloon, and take flight to your private island.

The system is designed for family members who are seated apart.

Sir Richard Branson's Guide To Getting Lucky

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