2014 Scottish independence referendumRichard Branson

Would love to say Yes, but can’t

17 Sep, 2014

Branson tells 5 News that he would love to endorse Scottish independence, but the uncertainty for Scotland and the UK is too great:

The rogue in me would love to say yes but the pragmatic entrepreneur has looked at [it] and I firmly believe Scottish people should remain part of the UK but have a lot more powers devolved to them

A big risk is higher taxes choking any benefit from independent economic policies to create jobs:

There is enormous wealth pouring into Britain from overseas, a lot of great businesses setting up… and a lot of those tax benefits will not be forthcoming to Scotland. My wife is from Glasgow, my mother is from Edinburgh, they both said if we had done it 30 years ago they would have voted yes. But it’s doing it near the end of the oil flows and there’s just not enough assets for Scotland to fall back on.

5 News interview: Richard Branson warns of Scottish tax hike if country votes ‘yes’

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