Richard BransonInterview

WSJ interview

19 Sep, 2014

Branson is interviewed for the Wall Street Journal and says that most of his disruptive efforts are in philanthropy:

On the pure business side, we’re going to try to get people who would never dream of going on a cruise ship to go on Virgin Cruises. That’s something we’re just starting to build.

The technology he is most excited about:

The small satellites we’re developing, which will be quite transformative in the world. Through a big array of these satellites, billions of people who don’t have mobile-phone access will be able to get it very cheaply. It’ll give them Wi-Fi access, which means they’ll be able to get an education and health information. If a plane disappears, we’ll be able to know exactly where it is. If there’s an illegal fishing boat, we’ll be able to pinpoint it.

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