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3 Feb, 2016

Declares State of Emergency in FL counties with Zika virus

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Gov. Scott declares a state of emergency in the four counties where people have been diagnosed with the Zika virus: Miami-Dade, Hillsborough, Lee and Santa Rosa. Nine people have been diagnosed with Zika in Florida, though health officials believe that all of them contracted the disease outside of the U.S. Scott’s executive order requires the state health officer to “take any action necessary to protect public health” and allows the commissioner of agriculture to issue a “mosquito declaration” in the affected counties to reduce populations of the insects that can spread the disease. Scott:

Although Florida’s current nine Zika cases were travel-related, we have to ensure Florida is prepared and stays ahead of the spread of the Zika virus in our state.

20 Jul, 2015

Governors increase security

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Governors in several states are boosting security for National Guard recruiters and all military institutions by arming National Guardsman and other employees. Oklahoma Governor Fallin:

It is painful enough when we lose members of our armed forces when they are sent in harm’s way, but it is unfathomable that they should be vulnerable for attack in our own communities. For that reason, I want to make sure that our National Guardsmen are authorized to arm themselves at our military facilities.

Governor Scott of Florida:

Recruiting centers could be targets and that’s why I want the National Guard moved until officials are comfortable that they will be safe. We’ve got to understand that, you know, we have people in our country that want to harm the military. They need to be safe and they need to be armed.

Governor Abbot of Texas:

After the recent shooting in Chattanooga, it has become clear that our military personnel must have the ability to defend themselves against these type of attacks on our own soil,’’ Abbot said. ‘‘Arming the National Guard at these bases will not only serve as a deterrent to anyone wishing to do harm to our service men and women, but will enable them to protect those living and working on the base.

Similar actions are being taken in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Indiana while other states are currently reviewing their security policies.

22 Dec, 2014

Appointed to Enterprise Florida board

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Gov. Scott announces Biter is to take one of the governor’s seats on the board of directors at Enterprise Florida (subject to confirmation by the Florida Senate). Biter has already been serving the organization as an appointee of the Speaker of the Florida House since 2011. He succeeds Henry Rodriguez, and is appointed for a term from today through Sept. 30, 2018. Scott:

Jesse has been a leader in the Florida business community, and I’m confident he will work tirelessly to make Florida the best state for job creation.

26 Oct, 2014

Florida orders 21-day quarantine


Gov. Scott signs an order requiring twice-daily monitoring for anyone returning from places the CDC designates as affected by Ebola:

Therefore, we are moving quickly to require the four individuals who have returned to Florida already – and anyone in the future who will return to Florida from an Ebola area – to take part in twice daily 21-day health evaluations with DOH personnel