Rob LoweInterview

Rob Lowe interview

24 Nov, 2014

Esquire interviews Lowe about the latest projects he is working on including staring in Direct TV commercials. 

Well, last week I was shooting more DirecTV stuff, which is very time-intensive. There’s prosthetics, there’s design. I work on the commercials with them. We write them together. They’re very complicated to shoot. And I’m developing a new TV series at NBC, which is a very subversive and politically incorrect show about a family. I also have a cartoon for Comedy Central that I produce and star in called Moonbeam City. That will be premiering after Tosh.0 in the spring and I’m so happy for people to see it. If it could be more politically incorrect and more wrong than the DirecTV commercials, I would say it is. And I have a fun little surprise in the new James Franco and Seth Rogen movie The Interview, which is my favorite comedy of the year. They asked me to come in and have some fun on that, and I was happy to do it. That has been my must-see movie of the fall. I’ve been busy.

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