Robert McCulloch

Robert McCulloch1 post
24 Nov, 2014

Wilson not charged

The grand jury decides that Wilson will not face charges in the shooting death of Brown. St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney McCulloch says the 12 members of the grand jury had met on 25 separate days over three months and heard testimony from about 60 witnesses, along with experts on blood, DNA, toxicology and firearms.

[They] poured their hearts and soul into this process. They gave up their lives, put their lives on hold, put their families on hold.

He said many witness accounts, many on social media, conflicted with the case’s physical evidence. For example, he added, some witnesses said Brown was shot in the back while running away from Wilson, but autopsy results showed no wounds to the back of his body.

There is no question that Darren Wilson caused the death of Michael Brown by shooting him, but the inquiry does not end there. But the duty of the grand jury is to separate fact and fiction…no probable cause exists to file any charges against Darren Wilson.

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