Robert ScobleInterview

Substance interview

14 Jul, 2013

Scoble talks about innovations like Google Glass and what he calls the age of context, where online publishers can push out news and wait for experts commenting on blogs, officials, and other knowledgeable people to correct it if there are mistakes, or amplify the story.

By commenting they’re adding on to the story. They’re either correcting stuff that you got wrong or adding on to the understanding or sharing facts. That’s what I like about the real-time open Internet … The story could evolve and does have some incorrect stuff in the early hours. It did on the pro stuff too like CNN. You saw stuff that turned out not to be true for a whole lot of reasons because witnesses aren’t very accurate with their language.

Substance: The Age of Context with Robert Scoble, Startup Liason Officer of Rackspace

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