Robin Williams

Dead Poets Society

9 Jun, 1989

Williams stars as english teacher John Keating at an all boys school in the film Dead Poets Society. Keating spends his time fostering a love for literature and poetry within his students as well as a “seize the day” outlook on life. The film was directed by Peter Weir.

Oh my God! One of the greatest experiences. It was incredible. It was the true learning experience, because Peter’s more than a director, he’s a teacher. I don’t know anybody who’s worked with him that comes away going, “Well, that was nice.” You come away a different person. He infuses you. Like when we were doing that movie, he gave us poetry, he gave us music – he played music during takes. It would just get you into this incredible spirit and very inspiring. I remember when the boys stood on their desk, I was going, “This is very powerful.” And I looked over and I saw a Teamster crying and I went, “OK, this is really working.” (Adopting Teamster accent) “You kinda rattled us crazy. I don’t know why. The boys on the desk is gettin’ me crazy.”

Dead Poets Society (1989) Original Trailer

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