Robin Williams

Death to Smoochy

29 Mar, 2002

Williams stars in this darkly comedic take on the children’s television industry, directed by Danny DeVito. Williams, as successful but troubled children’s entertainer Rainbow Randolph, is fired from his television slot after an FBI sting reveals he is taking bribes from parents to place their children at the front of the audience where the cameras can ‘really see them. After being replaced by the squeaky clean Sheldon Mopes, played by Edward Norton, Williams becomes fixated on bringing down Mopes and his children’s character Smoochy the Rhino. Co-starring DeVito, Cathleen¬†Keener and Jon Stewart. On the possibilities that arise from working with DeVito:

Oh, anything. Because he himself is so nasty. He’s a troll without a bridge. He pushes the envelope.

Death to Smoochy - Highlights HD

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