Robin Williams

The Face of Love

7 Mar, 2014

Williams plays Roger in this drama directed by Arie Posin. Williams is in a supporting role as a friend of Nikki, who falls for Tom, an art teacher who’s the spitting image of her late spouse. As she grows increasingly delusional in her attempt to pick up the marriage where it left off when her husband died, Tom strives to unlock the mystery of her tragic loss. Co-starring Annette Bening and Ed Harris. Posin:

I felt like I needed somebody who you would remember from the first moment you see him. [Williams] plays an increasingly dramatic role in the movie because she’s not telling anyone about [her romance with her husband’s double]. [Roger] is not only her closest friend and has been harboring a secret crush on her for a long time, but he’s also her neighbor, which means he can come over at any moment and see these things she’s doing with the double. I wanted someone who could make an impression.

The Face Of Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Ed Harris, Annette Bening Movie HD

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