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Roger Ver is an entrepreneur and Bitcoin investor and evangelist, born in San Jose, California. After becoming interested in libertarianism at an early age, he stood unsuccessfully as a California libertarian candidate. After college, he started a successful business,, to sell used computer parts online. After he served 10 months in jail for selling firecrackers online, he moved to Japan. He became interested in Bitcoin when the price was very low and became very wealthy as the price and interest in the virtual currency rose. His investments and evangelism have given him the name “Bitcoin Jesus”. He gave up his US citizenship in 2014 and is now a citizen of St. Kitts.


Founds Memory Dealers


Memory Dealers LogoWhile in college Ver founds Memory Dealers by buying computer parts from companies that had gone bankrupt after the dotcom bubble burst. He invests $1400 from a summer job into 14 nine-gigabyte drives which he sold on Ebay for $350-380 each. He quits college shortly after.

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