Nick SchagerRosamund PikeInterview

Rosamund Pike interview

3 Oct, 2014

Schager interviews Pike for Esquire about her role in the film Gone Girl and the work the cast and crew put into the film.

It’s every single scene. Neil Patrick Harris and I would do 35 takes of getting in and out of a car to get the right level of smoothness and then, in fact, I think that scene’s never even in the movie. You do watch David’s films back, and having now worked with him, I watch them in a different way, because I can feel the careful labor that’s gone into them. I understand it. And with voice over, too. You watch Fight Club, and the reason that voice over bores into your skull is because it’s carefully, carefully constructed. When we were doing the voice over for Gone Girl, we’d go in and get the line just how we wanted it, and if we didn’t like a single word, we’d go in and make a puncture hole and insert a different version of a single word, to get every nuance we wanted to explore. I love working in that kind of detail. It’s really thrilling.

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