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Mac Lethal interview

2 Dec, 2011

Seacrest interviews Lethal during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about how he came up with The Pancake Rap parody of Christ Brown’s Look At Me Now. 

I asked my fans on Facebook what they would like to see, and they picked that beat. I decided to give it an interesting spin so I thought of ‘Cook With Me Now’ just to change it. I didn’t want to do a Weird Al Yankovic, no disrespect, I just didn’t want to say ‘Cook With Me Now’ I wanted to actually be cooking, because I can cook rather well. So, I picked something really easy to cook, and shot it. It took about 16 takes. It would be two pancakes per take. There was a stack of about 32 pancakes.” Mac has been under the public radar for almost a decade, but past few years have gone rather well. He even encourages that other YouTube performers are able to.

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