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Steve Harvey interview

5 Sep, 2012

Seacrest interviews Harvey during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and about his inspirations for his book.

My daughters were bringing home these deadbeat boys and I was meeting these guys and in 30 minutes I was shooting them down. My daughters were going, ‘dad, why did you ask him that?’ I said, ‘because you should have asked him that, you have every right to know this type of stuff.’ So, they kept going, ‘Well dad, how do you know all this?’ I said, ‘Look, I’ve been a boy, I’ve been a young man, I’ve been a man, I’ve been all this. So, if you’re sitting in my house and you’re 26…I already know what you’re thinking and where you should be and I’m not going to let some little loser, bum, kid, boy, walk out of here with my daughter. I ain’t going to let it happen.

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