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Scott Walker is governor of Wisconsin, born in 1967 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. After college he entered politics as a Republican starting as an Assemblyman in the state legislature, then as Milwaukee County Executive. He is running for president in the 2016 elections. He is best known for standing up to unions, limiting collective bargaining rights, and balancing budgets by cutting spending. He is married to Tonette Tarantino and they have two sons.

5 Jun, 2012

Wins recall election

Wins Election

Walker wins the recall election against Tom Barrett by about 7%.

Tonight we tell Wisconsin, we tell our country, and we tell people all across the globe that voters really do want leaders that stand up and make the tough decisions.

2 Nov, 2010

Wins election

Wins Election

Walker becomes Wisconsin’s 45th governor on promises to bring jobs to the state, cut spending, lower taxes, and stop a federally funded passenger train from Madison to Milwaukee. With Republicans taking over both houses of the State legislature, it should be easy for him to pass his agenda.

You have given us a mandate for true reform, and I appreciate that. I will not let you down.

30 Apr, 2002

Wins election

Wins Election

Walker wins the election for Milwaukee County Executive. He pledges not to increase taxes even though the county is running a $3.5 million deficit. He is going to lobby against cuts in state-shared revenue to localities and for greater state funding for the county-run court system. He wants to cut the size of the 25-member county board and turn it into a policy-making body of part-time supervisors.

I believe the campaign starts tomorrow. It is the campaign to get things done.

2 Apr, 2002

Wins primary

Wins Election

Walker wins in the primary election for Milwaukee County Executive receiving 37% of the votes against five other challengers. He says that he is serious about reform, promising to cut the executive salary from $128,820 to $60,000 and holding a referendum on whether the job should remain.

I am not afraid to act immediately to take on those who would defend the abuse and the waste in county government.

29 Jun, 1993

Wins 14th District Assembly seat

Wins Election

Walker wins a special election over Christopher Ament for the 14th District Assembly seat in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He campaigns against crime and abortion, reducing taxes, and reforming welfare. He calls for a cap on State spending tied to the rate of inflation and an increase in prison beds. He attributes his win to:

hard work more than anything, more than any specific issue. I wore out two pairs of shoes hitting just under 10,000 homes in 2-1/2 months.

1 Jun, 1993

Wins primary

Wins Election

Walker wins the Republican primary in a five-way race for the 14th District Assembly seat in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Mary Jo Paque, who comes in fourth, credits his endorsement by the Wisconsin Right To Life to his victory:

I still think the majority of people in Wauwatosa are pro-choice, but the machine behind pro-life, they got their people to the polls. It’s not the Right-To-Life issue — it’s the Right-To-Life machine getting people to the polls.

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