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Sean Combs interview

2 Dec, 2013

Hall interviewed Combs on The¬†Arsenio Hall Show. They talk about the type of products Hall suggests he market to show his marketing genius and they also drink vodka together. Combs disagrees with Hall’s marketing advice.

We got a good thing going Arsenio. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. We don’t wanna hard sell. We want to keep it classy. At the end of the day we just on this black glamour, man, and it’s smooth and it’s tasteful and we need to dress up sometimes and take your lady out, take her dancing

They talk about his memory of his father and how he got upset for the first time recently as he thinks about his father.

The way he dressed, his whole charisma, his style, his swag and so I celebrate him you know, it’s in my genes. He had a hustler’s spirit. It’s just a blessing and that’s why it’s so important to me with my six kids to make sure that they know that I’m there for them.

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