Selena Gomez

The Heart Wants What It Wants

6 Nov, 2014

The_Heart_Wants_What_It_Wants_Selena_Gomez_coverGomez releases her new single The Heart Wants What It Wants. Her first new track since the release of her album Stars Dance. The single is a writing collaboration between Antonia Armato, Tim James, David Jost and Gomez.

And it’s also a step for me knowing like, “Ok, this is what I’m about to say, and I need to say it when I’m ready” … And I think after this year, it’s the perfect way to end the year, it’s the perfect way to end a chapter in a way. It’s like, this is what I’ll say about every single person that has judged me for every decision that I’ve made, for every person, (and) heart that is being judge for something they’ve done, and now I just want to release it.

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