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21 Nov, 2014

Discrimination lawsuit

Sephora faces a lawsuit claiming discrimination against Asian customers following a 20% sale during which customers with Chinese names or Chinese email domains were blocked from their accounts. An unnamed Sephora spokeswoman:

This lawsuit significantly distorts the facts in this matter. We look forward to defending our actions in court. Among other points, we intend to make very clear that clients from a number of countries around the world have been impacted by a temporary block we needed to place on accounts in order to restore the functionality of our site during a surge of activity by resellers during a promotional event two weeks ago.

Apple Pay in Manhattan and the Bay Area

Starting today, Sephora accepts Apple Pay in all their Bay Area stores and the Lexington location in Manhattan. Sephora CMO Julie Bornstein:

We’ve actually looked for a mobile payments solution for a long time but of course it needs to be something that is already widely adopted and Apple Pay provides that.

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