Shailene WoodleyInterview

Sugar Slam interview

30 Dec, 2008

Woodley talks with Sugar Slam about being a famous teenager and whether she can still do normal things like go to the mall:

Oh, definitely. I still actually only go back on hiatus in February. I’m going to go back to my high school and graduate because I’m a junior. It’s definitely different. When you go to a grocery store and you go anywhere there are people staring or pointing or whispering, and every now and then you have a brave girl come up and be like, “Are you the girl from Secret Life?” It’s neat to have that happen, but it’s also a little bit awkward because I feel like I should have a conversation with them, like, “Hello, I’m Shai. What’s your name?” versus just being like, “Oh, yes. Here’s my autograph. Bye.”

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