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30 Mar, 2015

Removed evidence from home

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Jenkins testifies that, at Hernandez’s request, she removed a box from their basement the day after the killings. Prosecutors believe the box may have contained evidence or even the murder weapon. Jenkins said she didn’t look inside the box, nor did she ask Hernandez about its contents. Jenkins drove around the area, looking for a place to dump the box. She said she doesn’t remember which trash bin she threw the box into, explaining that she was nervous at the time. Her testimony contradicted what she had told a grand jury.

10 Feb, 2015

Granted immunity

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Jenkins is granted immunity in the murder trial of fiance Hernandez. CNN legal analyst Paul Callan:

It allows the prosecutor to force her to testify in front of the jury without taking the Fifth. If she lies, she can still be prosecuted for perjury because a grant of immunity never (immunizes) someone against committing perjury on the witness stand.