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1 Dec, 2014

The Talk interview

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Shepherd chats about playing Rock’s ex-girlfriend in the new film Top Five and gives her reaction to Underwood’s quitting the entertainment business:

You were going to quit, you were so tired of trying to do what you was supposed to do and everybody kept telling you; you weren’t going to do it. You were to physically this and that.

18 Sep, 2014

Queens of comedy secret


Underwood reveals why she turned down The Queens of Comedy tour.

There’s a conference call…I dialed in…I hear Sommore, Adele Givens and Laura Hayes all talking about me…I hear discussions about my appearance, my ability…I was startled and hurt…I was bruised, but I wasn’t broken…

8 Sep, 2014

Snake challenge


The Talk co-host faces her fear of snakes when she is the first to chose the short straw. Underwood is placed inside a glass container for 60 seconds and snakes are dumped all over her body.

I started talking to God. I was like, Lord, you made this. You’re not going to let nothing happen to me on TV are you, Lord?


13 Sep, 2013

Childhood secret


Underwood reveals losing her premature baby twin sister, and struggling through childhood domestic violence.

A lot of people have domestic violence in their family, a lot of people witness things, so to get through that I started to engage my sister, my twin, as my guardian angel, as that was the only way I knew I could get through it. For years, in my family, my birth mother did not want me and my father to be close to each other so she would tell me that my father killed my sister. And that he propped a bottle up for her to take and she asasphyxiated… So for years, I loved my father but I did not get very close to him, until one day I saw my mother stab my father.