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Sifu Wong Kiew Kit

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Sukhavati: The Western Paradise


Sifu Wong publishes Sukhavati: The Western Paradise. This book is entirely about Buddhism, Amitabha Buddha and the sutras concerning Amitabha’s Western Paradise. It includes many mantras, sutras and other practices for the express purpose of going to Western Paradise after death.

Although this method is simple, one must not be mistaken that it is necessarily easy — although it is actually easier than most other methods of spiritual cultivation.

The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine


Sifu Wong publishes The Complete Book of Chinese Medicine. It covers the differences between Western Medicine and Chinese Medicine, the history of Chinese Medicine, and a brief overview of the principles of diagnosis and treatment.

Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also love of humanity. – Hippocrates

The Complete Book of Shaolin


Sifu Wong publishes The Complete Book of Shaolin. This is the sequel to The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu and covers a slightly wider range of topics, including legends, weapons, zen, and qigong.

In heaven above, there is Zhulin Monastery; on earth below, there is Shaolin Monastery.

The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu

artofshaolinSifu Wong publishes The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu. It is 240 pages long and is billed as the ultimate guide to kung fu. It includes chapters on sample training programs, history, philosophy, and setting objectives.

One of the best martial arts books I’ve ever read. I train in Shobayashi Ryu, which is closely related to Shaolin kung fu. This was a great bit of supplemental information.


Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan


Sifu Wong publishes The Complete Book of Tai Chi Chuan. The book covers history, combat application, sparring, set practice, pushing hands, qigong and meditation.

It is worth remembering that Tai Chi Chuan is not a gentle dance, not even a set of health exercises; it is basically a martial art. And it is not an ordinary martial art. Unlike most others, it is graceful and elegant even when it is used in fighting, and it abhors aggression which is a prominent feature of many fighting systems.


The Complete Book of Zen


Sifu Wong publishes The Complete Book of Zen. The text traces the history of zen from India, to China, to Japan, to the rest of the world, and goes on to include some exercises and known benefits of the practice.

The most rewarding aspect of Zen, besides spiritual fulfilment, is that it teaches us to find joy and meaning in our daily lives.

26 Nov, 1997

Qigong Master of the Year

Sifu Wong wins the World Qigong Federation’s Second World Congress on Qigong’s award for Qigong Master of the Year. They present this award in recognition for a Master’s contribution to awareness of the art of Qigong.


Chi Kung For Health And Vitality

Sifu Wongchikungforhealth publishes Chi Kung For Health and Vitality, the sequel to The Art of Chi Kung, and covers additional exercises, maximizing results, longevity, frequently asked questions and updated scientific studies.

If we wish to live healthy, long lives, and to have vitality to enjoy our work and play, chi kung is an excellent answer.


The Art of Chi Kung

Art of Chi KungSifu Wong publishes his book The Art of Chi Kung: Making the Most of Your Vital Energy. . Among the topics discussed are different levels of qigong, different aims of qigong and developing a training regime.

 Chi Kung is the art of developing energy, particularly health, internal force, and mind training.


Founds Shaolin Wahnam


Sifu Wong founds the Shaolin Wahnam School of kung fu and qigong. The school is named after his two most influential teachers Sifu Lai Chin Wah and Sifu Ho Fatt Nam. He states that the aim for founding the school is:

[to transmit] genuine Shaolin Kungfu, Shaolin Chi Kung and Shaolin philosophy.


Introduction to Shaolin Kung Fu


introtoshaolinSifu Wong publishes his first book, an 86 page manual on Shaolin Kung Fu. Topics include techniques, forms, training methodology and advice on creating a practice routine.

One of the main aims in learning kungfu is for self-defence.  In the ancient days before the invention of firearms, kungfu was often a matter of life and death for many people.  That was why kungfu was so jealously guarded.

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