SonySony Hack

Sued by former employees

16 Dec, 2014

Sony is being sued by former employees Michael Corona and Christina Mathis, whose social security numbers were made public by the Sony Hackers. The suit alleges that Sony didn’t do enough to protect is employees personal information against a cyber attack. The suit reads:

At its core, the story of ‘what went wrong’ at Sony boils down to two inexcusable problems: (1) Sony failed to secure its computer systems, servers, and databases …despite weaknesses that it has known about for years, because Sony made a ‘business decision to accept the risk’ of losses associated with being hacked; and (2) Sony subsequently failed to protect timely confidential information of its current and former employees from law-breaking hackers who (a) found these security weaknesses, (b) obtained confidential information of Sony’s current and former employees stored on Sony’s network, (c) warned Sony that it would publicly disseminate this information, and (d) repeatedly followed through by publicly disseminating portions of the information that they claim to have obtained from Sony’s network through multiple dumps of internal data from Sony’s Network.

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