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24 Feb, 2017

Thompson: McGregor and Mayweather have reached agreement

Makes Statement

Thompson, who is also managed by Audie Attar, confirms that McGregor and Mayweather have agreed terms.

Those guys are still making multi millions of dollars. I think that [$100 million] is what Mayweather originally wanted. But I know they kind of negotiated down. But yeah I think it is going to happen man – from the talk of it anyway. I mean, my manager is Conor McGregor’s manager, and it looks like the deal is almost done. It is getting closer and closer.

He also says that he thinks Mayweather will win.

Well you have a guy who trains mixed martial arts [Conor] – I am not really sure how long he has been training. And he is going up against [Mayweather] in what literally is a different sport, and [Mayweather] has been boxing since he was three years old…It is really comparable to putting Mayweather out there in a mixed martial arts fight. I mean how do you think that is going to go? I think Mayweather is going to dominate.

9 Jan, 2017

Woodley vs. Thompson set for UFC 209

Appearance announcement

Woodley says he will fight Thompson at UFC 209 on March 4:

He got under my skin so much, that you know what. I’m just gonna go ahead and fight this dude. Like straight up. He got under my skin that bad, that I don’t even care about the ration, the money and what fight makes most sense. You need to be careful what you ask for. Wonderboy, you want it? Come get it. You wanna get done worse than you did the last time? Like, some people gotta be real careful. You can lit weights, you can gain weight, it don’t matter. You’re not going to make up for twenty years of wrestling, you’re not going to make up for sheer athleticism, power, conditioning and hunger. Those things are just in you.


To me, he’s just not acting like a champion. It was a draw. He even said that we have unfinished business, but it seems like he’s just calling out everybody else but me. He’s called out Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, Demian Maia. He’s even gone to the point where he wanted to go up a weight class to fight Bisping. It’s like the bully in the room and he’s looking for everybody else who he probably knows aren’t going to fight him.

22 Nov, 2016

Thompson: McGregor’s ‘too small for the 170 division’

Makes Statement

Thompson says he is not worried about a rematch with Woodley, and that McGregor is too small to fight at 170 pounds.

Not at all (worried), man. To be honest with you, I think the UFC knows that I deserve that title shot, that I deserve that rematch. And you know what, I think that Conor McGregor’s gotta defend the 145 and the 155 title and I just think he’s too small for the 170 division. I mean, he’s walking around right at 170, maybe a little bit less. I don’t think it would be a good division for him to step up to…I think it would be a good fight no matter what. I mean, he is one of the best fighters out there and that’s what we’re out to do. We’re out to fight the best fighters in whatever division, whoever steps up…He’s already out there talking trash to Tyron and doing his thing, doing what Conor McGregor does…People show up just to see him just act nuts. Hats off to that guy, he’s a very intelligent, very smart guy.

Stephen Thompson: Conor McGregor is Too Small to Step Up To 170

26 Jan, 2016

UFC 196 moves to Fox Sports 1

Makes Statement

White announces that, due to Cain Velazquez and Fabricio Werdum, pulling out of the main event fight due to injuries, the UFC’s upcoming event will not be a pay-per-view event, but instead will be shown on Fox Sports 1. The original co-main event, Hendricks against Thompson, will headline the upcoming fight card.

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