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Thompson: McGregor and Mayweather have reached agreement

24 Feb, 2017

Thompson, who is also managed by Audie Attar, confirms that McGregor and Mayweather have agreed terms.

Those guys are still making multi millions of dollars. I think that [$100 million] is what Mayweather originally wanted. But I know they kind of negotiated down. But yeah I think it is going to happen man – from the talk of it anyway. I mean, my manager is Conor McGregor’s manager, and it looks like the deal is almost done. It is getting closer and closer.

He also says that he thinks Mayweather will win.

Well you have a guy who trains mixed martial arts [Conor] – I am not really sure how long he has been training. And he is going up against [Mayweather] in what literally is a different sport, and [Mayweather] has been boxing since he was three years old…It is really comparable to putting Mayweather out there in a mixed martial arts fight. I mean how do you think that is going to go? I think Mayweather is going to dominate.

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