Steve Fisher

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22 Mar, 2011

XX Sports Radio in San Diego interview


Fisher talks about an upcoming game against Connecticut:

They also know that they got beat by the University of San Diego. Our kids will be ready to play. … They will not be in awe or intimidated by Kemba Walker, Jim Calhoun, the name Connecticut on the front of their jersey. … We’re ready to play and we think, myself included, that we’re the better team.

22 Feb, 2011

XX Sports Radio interview


Fisher speaks about the logic of national rankings:

You listen to all the people talk about why these teams that lost should either or hold the position they’re in, from Duke — who did not lose — to Kansas, who was there, who last at K-State, to Texas, who lost at Nebraska, to Ohio State, who’s lost two now, but at places where both teams are undefeated at home … to Pittsburgh, who lost to St. John’s.

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