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14 Mar, 2012

WFAN in New York interview


Calhoun talks about an upcoming NCAA Tournament game against Iowa State:

They shot 38.9, almost 39% in Big 12 play. They have beaten the likes of Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State twice, so they are a good basketball team. They are going to get on average 25 three’s up a game. They had 36 and made 16 out of 36. We have not played a team that has not gotten even close to that. Our league is not even close and no where near that type of thing. We have had to make some adjustments over the last couple of days, but you and I both know that’s kind of what the tournament is about. Everybody says it’s about brackets. You would like to be #1 or the #2 or something like that quite frankly it is who you play. You got to adjust to that team.

5 Apr, 2011

Into the Night interview


Napier talks about winning the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship:

The key was just try to disrupt them offensively. That was by pressing the ball at the full court, try to allow [Shelvin] Mack to not get the ball. We felt like if he [Shelvin Mack] had the ball in his hand and controlling the pace it’s going to be tough for us to guard because he’s a great shooter. I felt as though once they got the ball in the middle our guys, Alex Oriakhi and Charles Okwandu, I felt like they played great defense. They disrupted a lot of shots and that left us to get easy rebounds and to press the break on them. I felt like we pushed everything on them and we just applied great defense.

ESPN Radio Chicago interview


Calhoun speaks about if he will coach next season:

I fully plan on coaching basketball next year. You know, once again, we’ll have time in the next couple of months as I settle down, as we kind of look over everything, and I fully expect that I would. … I’ve always been in love with basketball, I’ve never fallen out of love with basketball, but this team reaffirms me that kind of what we’re doing is worthwhile because the kind of kids you have.

The Dan Patrick Show interview


Stevens talks about the aftermath of Butler losing to Connecticut in the NCAA Men’s National Basketball Championship game:

Really difficult, but you never prepare for that last locker room. But, we were one of two teams that knew we were going to have our senior sendoff. And we were really fortunate that that was the case. But it was really hard, our guys wanted to shoot the ball better, there’s no question about that. And anytime you go 12-for-64 you’re not going to win. But it’s kind of remarkable that if we had shot 25 percent, we would have been one possession down with a chance to win the game.

31 Mar, 2011

Mike Francesa interview


Calhoun talks about an upcoming game against Kentucky in the NCAA Final Four:

That changed a little bit. When we played them early they were a drive team. John (Calipari) put that drive and dish offense in. They were really good at driving and very good at running, but quite frankly when they dished they didn’t make threes. Well they were 12 of 22 in the North Carolina game on threes. Quite frankly you have a really tough situation where you’re guarding the elbow and how much you cheat to get in to stop the drive but make sure you prevent the three. So we have our work cut out for us, but they got probably some work cut out for them too.

23 Mar, 2011

WFAN in New York interview


Calhoun gives his thoughts on how well Connecticut is playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:

Yeah we have and I thought the biggest thing everybody is talking about is being fatigued and etc.  We jumped out against Bucknell and never gave them a chance, quite frankly, even in the basketball game.  They are a good team and then against Cincinnati we led by eight at halftime but then let up a little bit.  Sometimes those 20 minute halftimes can do that to you.  Regardless we did let up and then we came back and Kemba took the game over as he has so many times this year, kids played great defense down the stretch.  They only scored one out of the last eight times they had the basketball.  We are on to the Sweet 16 to face a real, real good San Diego State team.

22 Mar, 2011

XX Sports Radio in San Diego interview


Fisher talks about an upcoming game against Connecticut:

They also know that they got beat by the University of San Diego. Our kids will be ready to play. … They will not be in awe or intimidated by Kemba Walker, Jim Calhoun, the name Connecticut on the front of their jersey. … We’re ready to play and we think, myself included, that we’re the better team.

15 Mar, 2011

Van Pelt and Russillo interview


Walker talks about how much winning the Big East title meant to Calhoun:

He said it meant a lot. I’m pretty sure it was one of the greatest moments for him in a long time especially because all of the things he had been through with the NCAA and things like that and everybody doubting us and doubting him, saying he didn’t have it anymore. We showed the world that we’re a great team and he showed the world that he’s still a great coach.

11 Nov, 2010

WFAN in New York interview


Calhoun addresses rumors that he violated NCAA rules and cheated:

Well, it is a hurtful moment. I think all of us, and you’re a very opinionated guy and so am I and we both believe what we do, we do to the best of our ability. Quite frankly, and I’m sure you’d be the same guy, every time you said something or did something it hasn’t always been right, but it’s at least always been what you thought was right at the time. … I said this from Day One, almost two years ago, that if we made mistakes, then that’s fine. We’ll get our report back in another month or so. The bottom line is we did make some mistakes, but I don’t think it’s anything hellacious and nothing that would constitute cheating.

26 Feb, 2010

WFAN interview


Calhoun speaks about Connecticut’s recent road win over Villanova:

Yeah, Villanova’s a terrific basketball team. We played well, it was obviously Walker’s best game. He had 29 points and was absolutely terrific. Somewhere in the midst Mike, we had lost in our conference, we had lost a lot of games starting with the Kentucky game – tied game 3 minutes to go, Wall hits a 3 point basket  going to the basket going against us, to the Michigan game where we were up with a minute and half to go, to Marquette where we had a 3 point lead with a minute to go, to Pittsburgh… We had a lot of tough breaks and some self inflicted wounds.

3 Apr, 2009

WFAN interview


Calhoun talks about Connecticut playing at a fast pace:

We got to pick the pace up, because Tommy – I’m not exaggerating here – Bill Self used to have a pretty thick playbook, Tommy’s is twice as thick as that. You need to get them into a game where they aren’t just in the half-court set running all kinds of beautiful stuff. They run half-court offense. Tommy Izzo probably runs as good as stuff as there is in the country. They’re the number one rebounding team in the country – we happen to be number two by the way. It looks to be a pretty great battle.

24 Mar, 2009

WFAN in New York interview


Calhoun speaks about the Connecticut Huskies progress in the NCAA Basketball Tournament:

Well we got a chance. That’s what I feel right now. I never lose confidence in my team but they certainly have made me – you know you have to as a coach make them believe. Now they’ve made me believe why the way they’ve reacted. And we certainly have a chance to do some special things over the course of the next couple weeks.

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