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WFAN in New York interview

14 Mar, 2012

Calhoun talks about an upcoming NCAA Tournament game against Iowa State:

They shot 38.9, almost 39% in Big 12 play. They have beaten the likes of Baylor, Kansas, Kansas State twice, so they are a good basketball team. They are going to get on average 25 three’s up a game. They had 36 and made 16 out of 36. We have not played a team that has not gotten even close to that. Our league is not even close and no where near that type of thing. We have had to make some adjustments over the last couple of days, but you and I both know that’s kind of what the tournament is about. Everybody says it’s about brackets. You would like to be #1 or the #2 or something like that quite frankly it is who you play. You got to adjust to that team.

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