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WFAN in New York interview

23 Mar, 2011

Calhoun gives his thoughts on how well Connecticut is playing in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament:

Yeah we have and I thought the biggest thing everybody is talking about is being fatigued and etc.  We jumped out against Bucknell and never gave them a chance, quite frankly, even in the basketball game.  They are a good team and then against Cincinnati we led by eight at halftime but then let up a little bit.  Sometimes those 20 minute halftimes can do that to you.  Regardless we did let up and then we came back and Kemba took the game over as he has so many times this year, kids played great defense down the stretch.  They only scored one out of the last eight times they had the basketball.  We are on to the Sweet 16 to face a real, real good San Diego State team.

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