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12 Dec, 2014

On Air interview


Wynn gives an interview to Ryan Seacrest during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about Show Stoppers, a 90 minute live show.

We had preview this week and the crowds have just been fabulous. We did 600 auditions for 28 dancers from New York to L.A. W did 75 auditions for the six featured singers. We have 30 musicians that are the best players in the history of Las Vegas.

2 May, 2014

Wynn: Clooney ‘money coddled’


Clooney -WynnIn a Bloomberg TV interview Steve Wynn denys he ever insulted Obama and says Hollywood celebrities “live in a very strange bubble of their own.”

They’re money coddled, they’re highly privileged, We are talking about successful artists like George, Barbra Streisand … they live in a relatively small world, the people around them are very solicitous and caring of them. They have a worldview that is therefore ‘Everything should be given to everybody’ because everything has been given to them.

Wynn also said that as a billionaire businessman, he has a broader perspective than Clooney.

You have to protect the enterprise in order to take care of the employees. So therefore, you can’t be wasteful, you can’t squander things or you jeopardize people. Running a business gives you a sense of compassion that is defined in different terms than someone who just thinks of themselves as generous.

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