Steven SpielbergDirects

Jurrasic Park

11 Jun, 1993

Spielberg directs this science fiction adventure based on a novel by Michael Chrichton. A billionaire finds a way to clone dinosaurs and creates a special park designed for the public to see the creatures. Things go disastrously wrong when he brings in a group of experts to preview the park and there is a power outage, releasing the dinosaurs from their cages. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, and Jeff Goldblum star.

Here’s what was scary: We were creating the title characters of a film. These were the stars of the picture, these dinosaurs. And if that didn’t work, nothing about Jurassic Park could have worked. So that was daunting, because I was using Universal’s money to basically make an experimental ­dinosaur picture.

Jurassic Park First Trailer

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