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11 Oct, 2015

Tells Trump to stop using Dream On

Makes Statement

Tyler asks Trump to stop using Dream On at campaign events. Tyler, a Republican, says the issue is not political or personal, but simply one of permission. Lawyers”

[Trump] does not have our client’s permission to use Dream On [or any of Tyler’s other songs and that it] gives the false impression that he is connected with or endorses Mr. Trump’s presidential bid.

8 Apr, 2014

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry interview


Seacrest interviews Tyler and Perry during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions them on their exercise routine for their tour. Tyler:

Actually we don’t hit our stride until the third week but the third week on tour, I’m 15 again. Now, I’m 12.


No matter what you do beforehand, there’s nothing like going onstage. You always feel like you’ve been run over by a truck the next day, no matter what. I’ve tried it both ways: I’ll get in shape on tour or I’ll work out for a month [before]. I’ll tell you, it’s very athletic.

22 Aug, 2012

What Could Have Been Love

Single Release

The band releases, What Could Have Been Love, from their album, Music From Another Dimension!. Tyler:

Marti and I had both been through divorce: Do you ever have feelings about that? Do you ever think about that? It started from there: ‘What could have been love, it should have been the only thing that was ever meant to be, couldn’t see what was right in front of me.’ So many people are getting divorced now. When you’ve got kids, you still love the mother a little bit. Anyone worth their soul will admit it.

Aerosmith - What Could Have Been Love

24 May, 2012

Steven Tyler, Joe Perry interview

Seacrest interviews Tyler and Perry during On Air With Ryan Seacrest about Phillip Phillips.

I’m so happy, because during this process I thought ‘Here’s a guy who didn’t care in the beginning,’ but it seemed like that to the America public. He was just really shy. But if you watch his behavior his soul was trying to climb out, and America got to see him do that. A lot of girls like boys that are vulnerable. They just fall in love with them, and the best news of all is the last song he played last night. Where did he get that from!? In that I hear a little Paul Simon, he’s just came out of the egg. He’s wet behind the ears, and yet he’s unfolded like that. I love when I see that. That America took a chance. It wasn’t the sure thing which we thought was Jessica. We all knew she was a sure thing, but they took a risk. Wow. That’s saying a lot.

Perry is asked if his band Aerosmith is making a comeback.

This is the first record in a long long time where I’ve actually found myself gravitating back towards listening to the roughs for the fun of it. That’s what is different about this record. For our fans you’ll be able to see a direct lineage to some of our old stuff. Like with this other song I wrote it for me to sing, and when we finally got it going my wife actually came up to me and said, ‘You really should let Steven have a shot at that, because he’ll do a better job.’ I have to stand back, as a co-producer of the record, and disassociate myself from the material. I thought, ‘She’s probably right’ and it wasn’t just her who said that. But you know when she said that I thought ‘You know, maybe I’ll sing the first verse or the second verse.’ Then he [Steven] laid one down and it was like ‘Yeah.

1 Jan, 2012

Steven Tyler interview


Tyler talks years of drug addiction, his relationship with exs’ and American Idol in a full interview with Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter.

Don’t get me wrong, every one of those girls I love them dearly. When we made love, we cried and we had a kid. It was that heavy. It was magic. It never happens like that all the time. Never cry as you climax. And it’s something I never told anybody. It was just those four times.

How Steven Tyler Survived Drug Addiction | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

9 May, 2011

People cover

Magazine Cover

aerosmithTyler appears on the cover of People to discuss American Idol, pain, and the joy he now faces. On going to rehab:

When my son looked me in the eye, crying, and said, ‘Dad, you were so high every night, and I was afraid,’ I needed that. My best thinking got me back into rehab, so I gotta keep my thinking in check and keep going to meetings.

7 Jan, 2009

Elle Magazine interview


Tyler gives interview to Elle about his relationship with his bands guitarist Joe Perry.

There’s that famous saying, This thing is bigger than both of us. Some guys will have terrible feelings about an ex-wife they had a child with, but after giving birth to something so beautiful, how can you hate that person? We’ve given birth to those songs.

9 Nov, 1989

Janie’s Got A Gun

Single Release

The band releasesJanie’s Got A Gun, from their album, Pump. Tyler:

That song is about a girl getting raped and pillaged by her father. It’s about incest, something that happens to a lot of kids who don’t even find out about it until they find themselves trying to work through some major f--king neuroses.

Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

6 Oct, 1977

Draw the Line

Single Release

The band releases their song, Draw The Line, from their album with the same nameTyler explains the line from the song, “she was a wet nap winner”:

A wet-nap is something that you wipe babies’ asses with. Back in the day, if you were lucky enough to grab a stewardess on a plane and you came out of the bathroom, all you had to clean up with was a wet-nap. The best lyrics are like the scrambled eggs you have in your head about a situation. And I’ve got this uncanny way of weaving s--t together.

Aerosmith - Draw the Line

27 Jun, 1973

Dream On

Single Release

The band releases their song, Dream On, from their self titled album. Tyler:

It’s about the hunger to be somebody: Dream until your dreams come true. This song sums up the s--t you put up with when you’re in a new band. Most of the critics panned our first album, and said we were ripping off the Stones. That’s a good barometer of my anger at the press, which I still have. Dream On came of me playing the piano when I was about 17 or 18, and I didn’t know anything about writing a song. It was just this little sonnet that I started playing one day. I never thought that it would end up being a real song.

Aerosmith - Dream On

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