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17 Mar, 2015

SXSW talk

Gives Talk

Teller talks at SXSW about the demise of Glass, and the value of failure:

[Glass] was one of those things that we had to get out into the world as soon as possible. We learned a lot of things about the tech, like the battery. It was also valuable for social testing, and I’m really grateful for all of the fearless pioneers who went on that adventure with us…The great decision was to do the Explorer program. The thing that we did not do well is that we allowed, and sometimes even encouraged, too much attention to the program.

If you’re not failing at least some of the time, you could be learning faster. It’s not about going out and not having these bumps and scrapes, it’s about getting full value from them.

16 Mar, 2015

SXSW appearance

Gives Talk

Rousey appears at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas as representative of UFC and talks about the women perception in sports.

I think that women fighting in the Octagon really affects everything that women see as possible for themselves. It’s not about trying to find a role that already exists that you can fit into. Now it’s trying to dream up all the different roles you can create yourself. Just like we did in fighting, we can do in every single profession out there.

15 Mar, 2015

Anti-A.I. protest

At SXSW, about two dozen protesters, led by a computer engineer, protest against artificial intelligence, chanting ‘I say robot, you say no-bot!’.

This is is about morality in computing…Planes can fly themselves, but the person who is ultimately responsible for landing a plane is a human.

Rage Against The Machines! SXSW Anti-Ai Protest to #stoptherobots

‘Every company will try to out-Siri Siri until we have consciousness.’

Gives Talk

Rothblatt gives a speech at SXSW in which she discusses the inevitable emergence of cyber consciousness.

There will be continued advances in software that we see throughout our entire life. Eventually, these advances in software will rise to the level of consciousness…Every company will try to out-Siri Siri until we have consciousness. It will be like water that rises and rises and rises and, before we know it, we’re in an ocean of cyber consciousness…It’s not us versus cyberspace. We’re merging together…We don’t want to create a new slave-versus-free motif. I’m all for merging everyone together. On the level of consciousness, we’re all one…We are the species that keeps pushing further and further and further. There is no line in the sand at which point human consciousness has to end.

13 Mar, 2015

‘We need to put a price on denial in politics’

Gives Talk

Gore gives a speech at SXSW, calling on attendees to punish climate-change deniers. He says politicians should pay a price for rejecting ‘accepted science.’ Gore also says that smart investors are transitioning towards companies investing in alternative energy.

We need to put a price on carbon to accelerate these market trends. And in order to do that, we need to put a price on denial in politics.

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