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19 Nov, 2014

‘Sexual predator’

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In an interview with The Daily Mail, Green says Cosby is a ‘sexual predator’ who, she claims, groomed her for sex and has attacked dozens more women in the past.

Bill Crosby is twisted, he’s a sexual predator who attacked me and has done the same to dozens of women that I know of. But he continues to refuse to acknowledge it, which is what angers me and the other women most. He should come clean and apologize for what he has done. To admit that the fame, the money and his own propaganda went to his head and he lost control.

She claims Cosby gave her two pills when she was sick with the flu, pretended he wanted to care for her, offered to take her home, and once there he stripped her naked, groped and kissed her before pleasuring himself sexually as she screamed for help.

I couldn’t control my body, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t run, I couldn’t do anything. I picked up a table lamp off of my night stand and through it at the window. He was like, ‘Let’s take off your clothes and get you in to bed because you’re so sick and we need to take care of you, I’m helping you.’

He put me in bed and then started taking his clothes off, I was like ‘no, no, no’. He touched me up, kissed me and he was handling himself and I’m starting to scream.’

She says she was able to fight him off:

‘I’m fighting because even if you get away with it and you don’t kill me you will have me on your a** for the rest of your natural life, I told him at the time and that’s what has happened. I was making too much noise so he gets up and he leaves two $100 bills on my table next to my door as he was leaving and that was the final insult.