Dennis HaysbertTavis SmileyInterview

Tavis Smiley interview

6 Nov, 2013

Haysbert discusses his career and his role as host of the third part of the Smithsonian Channel’s documentary miniseries, CIVIL WAR 360, in this interview for PBS.

I learned about what, how steadfast I am in how I approach life. Because I saw on this show and I saw when they were introducing these artifacts just how cruel things were, how inhumane things were. But on the other side, I found bits of humanity that didn’t quite jibe with what’s going on. There’s one gentleman in the stories who had a book that he wrote and that his family wrote, and he was a slave. I don’t like to call our people slaves. I call it being enslaved.

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Dennis HaysbertTavis Smiley

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