Terry McMillan

A Day Late and a Dollar Short

6 Jan, 2004

tm3McMillan’s book follows the Price family in A Day Late and a Dollar Short. The families matriarch Viola, her husband Cecil and their four adult kids has scattered across the country. They all seem determined to send her to her grave because she constantly worries about them. Paris is divorced mother to a 19 year-old son, a successful businesswoman and is always the glue that holds the family together. Lewis always finds jail and can’t seem to stay out. Out in Chicago, Charlotte knows she’s gotten the short en of the stick, has nothing in common except blood. And if it was up to her, should would divorce everyone. They must all find healing in order to come back together as a family.

Viola came to me first and Cecil (the parents in the book). I’ve known so many late-aged women whose husbands wound up running off with the secretary or some hoochie. I wanted to have a woman whose husband left her at the same stages that I’m talking about. But instead of him being an evil man I wanted him to be a good guy. He becomes estranged from his wife because she can be mean. A lot of woman think its a always the man but it’s not always all them. We can be mean. I love Viola. She’s a great person but she can be a bitch.

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