Terry McMillan

Who Asked You

17 Sep, 2013

tm6McMillan releases her book Who Asked You, which follows Trinetta, a mother who decides to leave her two young sons with her mother, Betty Jean. BJ soon finds out that Trinetta has disappeared for good. BJ already has her hands full dealing with her other adult children, a sick husband, and her own postponed dreams. Not only does she have her family to deal with, but she is also holding down a job.  Her son Dexter is about to be paroled from prison and taking care of two grandsons is the last thing BJ thinks she needs. 

For this book, I was primarily interested in two things. The first was what it might feel like to be forced, when you’re close to retirement, to raise your grandchildren. It’s pretty common, and not just in the black community. I was always curious about what it took out of you.

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