Tesla Motors

NYT: Supercharger fail

8 Feb, 2013

The New York Times has trouble testing  Tesla’s ultrafast charging stations between New York and Boston. The new 480-volt Supercharger stations, at service plazas in Newark, Del., and Milford, Conn., are some 200 miles apart, well within the Model S’s 265-mile estimated range (EPA)  for the version with an 85 kilowatt-hour battery and wellwithin Tesla’s claim of 300 miles of range under ideal conditions. The stations deliver enough power for 150 miles of travel in 30 minutes, and a full charge in about an hour.

However, due to a combination of cold weather and technical glitches the car barely makes it to each station and requires the tester to turn of the heater and slowing down to get to his destination. On the next leg of the trip the car ends up needing to be towed to a charging point.

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