The Beach Boys

Help Me, Rhonda

8 Mar, 1965

The song, witten by Brian Wilson and Mike Love, peaks at no. 1 in the US, and Peaks at no. 27 in the UK, making it the band’s second number one hit. Al Jardine says:

Brian had it in his head of it going one way and I had it going another way. It was my first big lead vocal—I had a lead before that—but primarily I’m an “ooh” and “ah” guy. I can nail anything that way but when it comes to rhythms I’m just not as sharp as maybe someone else. What made it problematic for me is Help Me Rhonda had a rhythmic movement that I found very difficult and I finally got it. Brian’s dad. Murry was trying to help me but that was like the blind leading the blind. It got very confusing.

Beach Boys - Help Me Rhonda (The Andy Williams Show 1965)

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