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5 Sep, 2014

Album cover release

18The Game releases the album cover art for Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf. 

The world sees me as a big bad wolf but to my daughter I’m just dad & her every wish in life is my command. Simplicity & white background & Documentary style font had me sold.

1 May, 2014

Sheeran, The Game collaboration


Sheeran announces he and The Game plan a joint album to be released in 2015. The Game and Sheeran only planed to collaborate on one song together but, when they got in the studio they recorded seven instead.

Ed came up with the idea to start working on a joint album, and we started doing it. He was on that guitar. Acoustically, he’s a genius, man, so when he does that, what comes out of me is songs like (The Game hits) Dreams and Hate It or Love It and My Life. The songs that we got, they’re real songs. And I can’t wait for people to hear ’em. 

3 Dec, 2013

The Game interview


Hall interviews The Game on The Arsenio Hall show. They talk about his meet with a Nigerian child that he met in Australia that broke his heart, his donation to charity and his inspiration for his Robin Hood project.

Me with the Robin Hood project my accountant asked if I wanted to make a tax id so I could get the money back. I just told him that it wasn’t about that. The money I give it comes from my heart. Well it comes from my bank account but it comes straight from my heart. There is no certain thing that I donate to.

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