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1 Apr, 2015

North American tour

Announces Tour

The band announces a 15 city tour in North America. The tour commences on May 24 at Petco Park in San Diego, California. Richards:

We love being out on the road and it is great to come back to North America. I can’t wait to get back on the stage.

2 Dec, 2014

Bobby Keys dies at age 70


Keys, a saxophone player that toured with The Rolling Stones for more than 45 years, dies at the age of 70 at his home in Franklin, Tennessee. Keys is said to have been battling cirrhosis. The Rolling Stones statement:

The Rolling Stones are devastated by the loss of their very dear friend and legendary saxophone player, Bobby Keys. Bobby made a unique musical contribution to the band since the 1960s. He will be greatly missed.

Jul 2014

Plans Stones museum

After Jagger visits the Abba museum in Stockholm, Sweden, he is inspired to open a Stones Museum in London. Bjorn Ulvaeus, Abba member, took him around the museum:

I had heard he wanted to build a similar thing in London. That is why he wanted to come here and look. He is planning a Rolling Stones museum. It was an inspirational visit. Mick has saved lots of clothes which they can display. He had thousands of questions. Mick took loads of photos.

Aside from lots of tour costumes it is likely that members of the Stones will contribute instruments and memorabilia

12 Nov, 2012

One More Shot

Single Release

The band releasesOne More Shot, from the album, GRRR!. Richards:

It was probably the quickest Rolling Stones recording session I can remember, ever. We cut two tracks in three days. It was incredibly professional. I had One More Shot ready, Mick had Doom and Gloom ready to go, so, boom, let’s cut ’em.

11 Oct, 2012

Doom and Gloom

Single Release

The band releases their song, Doom and Gloom, from the album, GRRR!. Richards:

I don’t think the Stones have ever cut a track so fast. It was like three takes and – boom! We were like looking at each other and going, ‘Got anything else?’ It was amazingly quick. The Stones are amazing that way, their chemistry and their energy when they get together. The hard bit with the Stones is getting them together.

17 Apr, 2010

Following The River

Single Release

The band releases, Following The River, from the album, Exile On Main St. (2010 re-release). Jagger:

It’s a good feeling when it all comes together. There’s a track called Following the River, which is a ballad. It’s a got beautiful piano on it, which I didn’t play. And I’d heard this before but it didn’t have any lyrics at all. I could hear different melodies but I didn’t know how I was going to get the melody to fit with this already existing track, which is very heavily piano. And when it came together, I was just singing onto it, I was putting it on the stereo and I was singing along, trying out different melody lines and trying out different words. And when it actually came together, it’s a very good moment, you know? There’s a moment – there’s a frustration, there’s a build-up of this [makes discouraged face], and then try, try, try, try, and there’s a moment when it really comes together for you.

5 Dec, 2005

Rain Fall Down

Single Release

The band releases their song, Rain Fall Down, from the album, A Bigger Bang. Jagger:

Rain Fall Down is a song about London. It has a line, ‘Feel like we’re living in a battleground, everyone’s jazzed.’ That was in my head already. There were so many armed police in the streets. Walking around, seeing machine guns, is not how you imagine London to be. If we keep going down this track, we’re not going to get back.


I Go Wild

Single Release

The band releasesI Go Wild, from, Voodoo Lounge. Jagger:

‘Waitresses with broken noses’ – that’s Ronnie Wood’s specialty. He knew every waitress in Dublin, and so I thought I’d put that line in for him. I like that song. I really got into the lyrics on that one. One of the wordy ones.

1 Mar, 1995

Wins Grammy


The Rolling Stones wins the Grammy for Best Rock Album for Voodoo Lounge, and Best Music Video, Short Form for Love Is Strong.

26 Sep, 1994

You Got Me Rocking

Single Release

The band releasesYou Got Me Rocking, from the album, Voodoo Lounge. Richards:

I wrote it on piano. It’s sort of like a Little Richard thing. And then when I took it to guitar I really got interested in it. Because before that I was really doing a parody of something like rock and roll piano music. But then it sort of went Celtic on me. Some of these strange drone notes. And it sort of took on another life. And then Charlie got into it with this little go-go beat – this great tom tom bit – and I’m a sucker for that, man. You give me that, especially with Charlie Watts playing it. It was a heavy-duty jungle thing.

17 Aug, 1989

Mixed Emotions

Single Release

The band releases their song, Mixed Emotions, from the album, Steel Wheels. Richards:

I think we cut that in Montserrat, an island that no longer exists. That smoldering heap of volcanic eruptions. And we were the last guys to cut there. That was the last record anybody cut there. It’s what happens when you work with The Stones. They got a hurricane and then it erupted. It was a pretty island once. With Mixed Emotions I think I had the music and I went to Mick and said, bring your bit to it. Because it’s a two-way street a lot of the time. I mean there was a time when Mick and I used to write face-to-face all the time. But we were on the road then. Now we can bring ideas to each other and sometimes it’s strange – we hadn’t seen each other for maybe 5 or 6 months and we get together and funny enough, we’d each have written a piece of music that actually fits together even though we haven’t been in communication with each other.

28 Feb, 1986

Harlem Shuffle

Single Release

The band releases their song, Harlem Shuffle, from the album, Dirty Work. Richards:

I’ve been trying to get Harlem Shuffle on an album, without actually telling Mick, for 5 or 6 years. I thought that was a natural number for him to sing – it was made for him. I’ve been giving him cassettes with Harlem Shuffle stuffed in the middle somewhere for a long time, but I never got any real response. One night we were in the studio and Woody and I started plunking away at it. We were amazed at how simple the song was – about 2 chords. The band was just warming up on it, jamming, when Mick walked in and started singing. We realized, YEAH. And we did it in 2 takes. So it paid off eventually, though it cost me a fortune in cassettes.

1 Nov, 1983

Undercover Of The Night

Single Release

The band releases their song, Undercover Of The Night, from the album, Undercover. Jagger:

I’m not saying I nicked it, but this song was heavily influenced by William Burroughs’ Cities Of The Red Night, a free-wheeling novel about political and sexual repression. It combines a number of different references to what was going down in Argentina and Chile. I think it’s really good but it wasn’t particularly successful at the time because songs that deal overtly with politics never are that successful, for some reason.

14 Aug, 1981

Start Me Up

Single Release

The band releasesStart Me Up, from, Tattoo You. Richards:

The story here is the miracle that we ever found that track. I was convinced – and I think Mick was – that it was definitely a Reggae song. And we did it in 38 takes – ‘Start me up. Yeah, man, cool. You know, you know, Jah Rastafari.’ And it didn’t make it. And somewhere in the middle of a break, just to break the tension, Charlie and I hit the rock and roll version. And right after that we went straight back to Reggae. And we forgot totally about this one little burst in the middle, until about five years later when somebody sifted all the way through these Reggae takes. After doing about 70 takes of Start Me Up he found that one in the middle. It was just buried in there. Suddenly I had it. Nobody remembered cutting it. But we leapt on it again. We did a few overdubs on it, and it was like a gift, you know? One of the great luxuries of The Stones is we have an enormous, great big can of stuff. I mean what anybody hears is just the tip of an iceberg, you know. And down there is vaults of stuff. But you have to have the patience and the time to actually sift through it

15 Sep, 1978


Single Release

The band releasesRespectable, from the album, Some Girls. Jagger:

I was banging out three chords incredibly loud on the electric guitar, which isn’t always a wonderful idea but was great fun here. This is a Punk meets Chuck Berry number. The lyric carries no fantastically deep message, but I think it might have had something to do with Bianca.

Far Away Eyes

Single Release

The band releases their song, Far Away Eyes, from the album, Some Girls. Jagger:

You know, when you drive through Bakersfield on a Sunday morning or Sunday evening, all the Country music radio stations start broadcasting black Gospel services live from L.A. And that’s what the song refers to. But the song’s really about driving alone, listening to the radio.

What's this? This is an unbiased just-the-facts news timeline ('newsline') about The Rolling Stones, created by Newslines' contributors. Help us grow it by finding and summarising news. Learn more