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Following The River

17 Apr, 2010

The band releases, Following The River, from the album, Exile On Main St. (2010 re-release). Jagger:

It’s a good feeling when it all comes together. There’s a track called Following the River, which is a ballad. It’s a got beautiful piano on it, which I didn’t play. And I’d heard this before but it didn’t have any lyrics at all. I could hear different melodies but I didn’t know how I was going to get the melody to fit with this already existing track, which is very heavily piano. And when it came together, I was just singing onto it, I was putting it on the stereo and I was singing along, trying out different melody lines and trying out different words. And when it actually came together, it’s a very good moment, you know? There’s a moment – there’s a frustration, there’s a build-up of this [makes discouraged face], and then try, try, try, try, and there’s a moment when it really comes together for you.

The Rolling Stones – Following The River

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