Tiananmen Square Protests

Vigils mark 25th anniversary

4 Jun, 2014

The 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests are marked with vigils held worldwide to remember the protesters who lost their lives attempting to promote democracy. At vigil in Taipei, Taiwan, volunteers hold portraits of political prisoners who are still being held in China, while in Tokyo, protesters rally in front of the Chinese Embassy, carrying flags and signs. In recent weeks online sensor programs, set up by the Chinese government, detract attention away from the attack at Tiananmen Square and ctiticicm of communism in general. Rex Liu, a first-time vigil attendee says:

In previous years, I have had no particular desire to attend. I am not here now because it is the 25th anniversary. I feel the need to come this year to express my discontent over the rotting and corrupt state of the Chinese government, said 


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