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20 Jul, 1977

Timothy Ferriss born in East Hampton, NY

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Timothy Ferriss is born in East Hampton, NY to Donald and Frances Ferriss. He is born six weeks premature and given a 10% chance of living.

I survive instead and grow so fat that I can’t roll onto my stomach.  A muscular imbalance of the eyes makes me look in opposite directions, and my mother refers to me as “tuna fish.” So far, so good.

In 1983 he nearly fails kindergarten because he refuses to learn the alphabet.

My teacher refuses to explain why I should learn it, opting instead for “I’m the teacher–that’s why.” I tell her that’s stupid and ask her to leave me alone so I can focus on drawing sharks.  She sends me to the “bad table” instead and makes me eat a bar of soap. Disdain for authority begins.

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