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25 Aug, 2013

Tina Turner interview

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Winfrey interviews Tina Turner and asks questions about Turners recent wedding.

There comes a time in life when you must put things in place. First I started consolidating, getting rid of property. I got rid of a house in France, a property in America. I made a situation for my sons. Anything that was costly I totally got rid of. Then it occurred to me, if something happened in death for me, Irving would have no say, and I thought it was a bit unfair to live with someone as long as we are, and not to give him any say.

How Anna Mae Bullock Became Tina Turner | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

1 Oct, 2005

O Magazine interview

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Turner gives an interview to O Magazine and talks about her thoughts on becoming a Buddhist.

The women who sold drugs to Ike said, What are you doing here, Tina? How can you live with this madness? Then one day, someone told me, Buddhism will save your life. I was willing to try anything. I started to chant. Once, I chanted, went to the studio, and put down a vocal, just like that. Ike was so excited that he gave me a big wad of money and said, Go shopping! I thought, This chanting stuff works. I was hooked. I still believe in the Lord’s Prayer. I find a form of the Lord’s Prayer in Buddhism.